DYSON, MAURICE R. — Professor of Law

Shorter Work

Law At Its Best: Towards A Unifying Theory of Justice in Legal and Educational Reform, 18 Dec Nat. Bar Assoc. M 16 (2011).

Center for Constitutional and Humanitarian Law, American University College of Law, panel entitled “Discrimination in Public Education: Intent v. Impact?,” Discrimination in The Discriminatory Impact of U.S. Education Law on the Human Rights of Racial Minorities: Who’s Really Being Left Behind? (2007).

School Transfers, Charter Schools and School Funding, invited at the University of Toledo School of Law (January 29, 2007).

African American Charter Schools, Robin Hood & The No Child Left Behind Act: A Triple Entendre in the Battle For Educational Equality, presented at Florida A&M University College of Law (January 10, 2007).

2007 AALS Annual Education Law Section Panel, conceived, organized, moderated and panelists selected by Maurice Dyson, "The Assault on Academic Freedom in the Academy: Exploring the Intersectionalities of Race, Religion and Gender in Higher Education" co-sponsored in conjunction with the Section on Minority Groups (January 4, 2007).

Choice & The Illusion of Choice, presented at Valparaiso University School of Law (December 14, 2006).

Charter Schools, the No Child Left Behind Act: Avenues for Reform, presented at Thomas Jefferson School of Law (December 12, 2006).

Reinforcing School Choice Provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act: Possible Solutions for Systematic Reform, presented at Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law (December 8, 2006).

The No Child Left Behind Act & Wealth Recapture, presented at Drexel University College of Law (October 20, 2006).

2006 AALS Speaker: The Clash of the Titans: (Section on Education Law, Washington, D.C.).

2006 Annual AALS Minority Groups Section Panel “The Fate of Minority Inter-Group Collaboration or Conflict”, conceived, organized, moderated and panelists selected by Maurice Dyson (invited speaker for January 2006, Section on Education Law).

Jason Embry, Lawyers for School, State to Argue Before the Texas Supreme Court Today, Austin American Statesman July 6, 2005.

Legislature Adjourns Special Session: Justices to Decide If Overhaul Needed After Bills Fail in Legislature, Dallas Morning News, 2005.

National Public Radio (NPR), Bob Zeeble, School Finance Takes Center Stage (November 12, 2005).

WB Channel 33, Jennifer Dodd Reporting, Gov. Rick Perry Blames State Legislature, (August 22, 2005).

Legislature Adjourns Special Session: Justices to decide if overhaul needed after bills fail in Legislature, Dallas Morning News (August 19, 2005).

Jason Embry, Lawyers for School, State to Argue Before the Texas Supreme Court Today, Austin American Statesman (July 6, 2005).

The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., discussing “The Role of Education In The Poor People’s Campaign,” sponsored by SMU Undergraduate Office of Multicultural Affairs (January 2005).

Educational Experts: School Finance & Legislative Issues: A Talk With SMU Prof. Maurice Dyson (2005).

Nate Reagan, Panel of Professors Discuss Civil Rights In the U.S., SMU Daily (January 21, 2005).

2nd Northeast Regional People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference: America, Race, and Law at the Crossroads, Hosted at The George Washington University Law School (October 2004).

Fifty Years After Brown, sponsored by Georgia State University in conjunction with the Southern Regional Counsel, (2004)(invited).

“Opportunity To Learn” discussing Dyson, Leave No Child Behind: Normative Proposals To Link Educational Adequacy Claims To High Stakes Assessment Challenges, sponsored by the University of California at Berkeley and the Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE)(October 2003).

CBS, Channel 11 News, Top Stories, Cliff Caldwell Reporting, Forum on Affirmative Action (October 8, 2003).

Valerie Fields, School Board’s Resolution Difficult To Enforce, Dallas Morning News (October 4, 2003).

Have 60's Civil Rights Policies Kept Pace? Critical Race Theory Workshop, American University Washington College of Law sponsored by Darren Hutchinson, Pamela Bridgewater, Devon Carbado, Letti Volp and others (April 2003)(invited panelists).

Scott Parks, Will Whites Come Back To DISD? District Hopes End To Desegregation Suit Will Reverse Trend, Dallas Morning News (December 4, 2002); Also carried by WFAA Cannel 8 Network.

Scott Parks, Moses Hopes Timing Right For End To Desegregation Order: Is DISD Ready To Move On, Dallas Morning News (October 31, 2002); Also carried by WFAA Channel 8 Network.

The Resegregation of Southern Schools? A Crucial Moment in the History (and the Future) of Public Schooling in America, sponsored by the Harvard Civil Rights Project, the University of North Carolina, the UNC Center for Civil Rights, and the Thurgood Marshall School of Law (August 30, 2002).

"School Funding and Educational Ultimatums: A Look At School Funding Implications For Public School Accountability", presented at The Educational Funding Deficit, sponsored by the University of Connecticut Law School & the University of Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal, (April 2002).

School Funding and Accountability Mandates, Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law (December 15, 2001).

Testing, The No Child Left Behind Act and School Finance, Suffolk University School of Law (December 12, 2001).

The New No Child Left Behind Act and Its Implications, Roger & Williams University Ralph Pappito School of Law (December 10, 2001).

High Stakes Assessment, Title VI & Due Process Considerations, Vanderbilt University School of Law (December 5, 2001).

STB Represents AOL in $165 Billion Merger with Time Warner (2000).

Bequeath My Soul To The Stars: Selected Poetry and Prose From The Vicissitudes of Life (2000).


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