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From Your SBA President: Katie Smith

When people ask me where I am from, my immediate reaction is to reply with my diatribe of history: I was born in Coronado, but raised in...
By Katie Smith | November 10, 2014

TJSL ADR Team 2014-2015

Everyone in law school knows how many hours are spent reading, writing papers, rushing to internships, and balancing friends and family....
By Michelle Evenson | November 10, 2014
Find Success in Law School

How To: Find Success in Law School

Ok. I admit it...I came to law school as an older student. So, sue me...wait, that was probably not the right choice of words. When I came...
By Tom Curl | November 10, 2014
Halloween TJSL SBA

TJSL Halloween Bash

Celebrities, superheroes, wild animals and imagination descended upon the Hard Rock Hotel for SBA’s annual Halloween gala on Friday,...
By Charles Burden | November 10, 2014
Networking, Events, Learning To

Networking, The Other Dirty "N" Word

Every young professional knows the importance of growing a personal network. We’ve undoubtedly read the science that says: the secret to...
By Melanie Anderson | November 10, 2014

Wear This, Not That

As law students, we are part of a different community and that different community has standards. We are preparing to enter the legal field...
By Nallely Ocampo | November 10, 2014
ELS Event

Picture This: Copyrights and Copywrongs in Visual Works, From Comics to Photographs

Visual works extend from basic photographs to the drawings and graphics of comic books and video games. Copyright is the main soure of...
By | October 28, 2014
SBA President TJSL

From Your SBA President: Katie Smith

We are halfway through the semester. As students, we can take a moment to breathe before we gear up again for finals. We have a few blessed...
By Katie Smith | October 13, 2014

A Minority Review on TJSL Restructuring

Interpretation is at the heart of the law. It is the task, we soon-to-be attorneys, must master in order to communicate the law and...
By Lauren Audette | October 13, 2014
TJSL Mock Trial Team 2014

TJSL Mock Trial Team 2014-2015

The TJSL Mock Trial Team is well on its way to a successful year. The team welcomed 14 extremely talented members, Sarah Brand 3L, Joshua...
By Chanel Di Blasi | October 13, 2014
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