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CLIMB’s “Culture Night” at TJSL

Published: October 31, 2011
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CLIMB’s first “Culture Night,” presented by 2L Alex Partida, kicked off to a great start.  TJSL students joined students from the Crawford Law Academy for an enlightening interactive presentation that focused on mainstream urban music versus the more socially conscious hip-hop.  The purpose of this particular “Culture Night” was to help the youth take an introspective look at mainstream urban music by examining the underlying messages and stereotypes being perpetuated by popular music.

The youth first dissected the lyrics and music imagery in mainstream urban music and then compared this music to socially conscious hip-hop, which included songs by Dead Prez and Prince Ea.  It was gratifying to see the youth learn more about the socially conscious underground hip-hop and to see the youth think critically about the messages in mainstream urban music.  It was also inspiring to see the youth voice their thoughts and feelings in a room filled with law school students because part of Culture Night’s purpose is to expose the youth to opportunities that will help build confidence and skills that are essential in law school.

Alex Partida, Youth Empowerment Coordinator for CLIMB, stated, “Realizing the powerful, positive impact that conscious hip hop can have on the youth was very inspirational and hopefully can serve as a foundation of change in their mindsets about what to accept as music consumers." Article By Rosanna Barajas, 2L