Collegial and Supportive Environment

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Nothing distinguishes Thomas Jefferson School of Law more than the personal attention that we give our students. 

One of the secrets of creating a collegial and supportive environment is keeping enrollment small.  We anticipate a fall entering class of no more than 100 students so that everyone is able to receive the attention that he or she can expect as a Thomas Jefferson student.

Another secret is faculty commitment.  Our faculty are with you all the way.

First, every entering student is assigned a faculty mentor during the first year, to provide guidance on any aspect of the student’s academic or professional career.  A mentor, however, is just one more resource available to our students.  Every member of the faculty maintains an open door policy for the entire student body.  Our faculty is available to you whenever you need them. 

Nor do we wait for you to take the first step.  We create opportunities to work together in one-on-one settings.  Many law schools base the student’s entire course grade on a single final exam.  We provide midterm exams and periodic short written assignments throughout the semester in our required courses so that students are able to monitor their progress during the semester.  If you are not making the progress you want to achieve, you will know and we will help you.  Every law school makes its students work hard.  We work hard with you.

Students also have opportunities to work one-on-one with members of the faculty in our many clinical programs. Click here to learn more about our clinical programs.

Our personal attention to students continues after graduation. For example, Thomas Jefferson, through its Center for Solo Practitioners, offers an “incubator program” for students who wish to open their own practice.  Each year, six to ten recent graduates are provided an opportunity to open their practice in a shared office space, with assistance from seasoned mentors who will assist them in learning to manage their practice. Click here to learn more about our incubator program.