Bar Requirements

Practice in California

Thomas Jefferson School of Law is accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California. The legal education provided by Thomas Jefferson School of Law meets all requirements under the rules and regulations pertaining to admission to the practice of law in California. 

In accordance with the California Business and Professions Code and the regulations of the State Bar of California, a student who intends to seek admission to practice law in California must meet all eligibility requirements set forth in the Rules of the State Bar, Title 4 Division 1, Chapter 2 and California Code, Business and Professional Code – BPC Sec. 6060.  An application of admission to the California Bar consists of an application for registration, an application for determination of moral character, an application for any required examination, and payment of the required fees.

In addition to the determination of moral character required by the State Bar, Thomas Jefferson School of Law also considers the moral character of each applicant during the admissions process. Each applicant must disclose all required information on their application and if admitted, has the continuing duty of disclosure through graduation. 

California requires that students intending to practice in California register with the State Bar of California within 90 days of the commencement of their law studies. Registration forms for the State Bar of California are available online at

Practice Outside of California

Study at, or graduation from, this law school may not qualify a student to take the bar examination or be admitted to practice law in jurisdictions other than California.  A student who intends to seek admission to practice law outside of California should contact the admitting authority in that jurisdiction for information regarding its education and admission requirements. 

See also the National Conference of Bar Examiners Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements, which includes this state-by-state review