What prerequisites does this program have?

The only prerequisites you need are the completion of one year of law school and a strong interest in intellectual property law.

How will this program benefit me?

Students will have the opportunity to experience the process of receiving assignments from a faculty partner, conducting research, drafting various types of documents, and discussing their conclusions all in a one-on-one direct feedback relationship. Students will also receive broad exposure to aspects of IP law in the industries of technology, entertainment, and sports areas through CLE-style programs. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to network with area attorneys and judges.

Will I be able to take other summer classes at TJSL?

Yes, IP Practicum is scheduled to allow students to participate in our regular San Diego summer program, which begins immediately after the practicum and runs for seven weeks. Students may earn a maximum of 11 units three for the IP Practicum and eight for the summer program. IP Practicum students may also attend the Thomas Jefferson School of Law summer program in Nice, France, a four-week program beginning in late June that provides four units of law school credit.

What are the dates for the 2015 IP Practicum?

The last two weeks in May and the first week in June, from May 18 through June 5.

How do I apply and pay my tuition?

Students wishing to enroll should contact Prof. Steven Semeraro (ssemeraro@tjsl.edu; 619-961-4305) or Prof. Julie Cromer Young (jcromer@tjsl.edu; 619-961-4228).

Will these units be accepted by my law school?

TJSL is a fully ABA approved and AALS member school. So, the units should count toward a J.D. or LL.M. degree. Some law schools limit their students' ability to earn units from other schools. You will need to check with your law school to be certain.

What is the TJSL IP Fellowship Program?

This program provides a variety of opportunities to law students to study and experience IP law under the tutelage of one of the largest and most experienced IP faculties in the country. It includes access to USPTO-certified clinics offering both patent and trademark services. Students working in these clinics receive their own practice number and interact directly with clients and USPTO examiners under the supervision of an experienced patent and trademark attorney. The program is open to transfer students and scholarship support is potentially available. For more information, please contact the Center for Law and Intellectual Property at clip@tjsl.edu.