Continuing Bar Candidate Program (CBC)

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The Continuing Bar Candidate (CBC) program offered by Thomas Jefferson School of Law demonstrates the school’s commitment to its graduates and their dreams of becoming licensed attorneys. The program is aimed at students who were unsuccessful at their first attempt at the California Bar Exam. The program comes at no cost to our graduates.

The CBC program has four components and the program is free to our alumni:

  1. Review of candidate Bar letters and Bar graded materials;
  2. Substantive and skill-based lectures and workshops;
  3. The opportunity to submit essays and performance tests for personalized and graded feedback; and
  4. Mock bar exams to test the readiness of candidates as they march towards the testing date.

For students located outside of the San Diego County locale, the program offers distance-learning support through telephone and email consultations. Workshops and lectures are recorded and posted on the TWEN page for off-site access.

Any alumni of the program is welcome to participate in the CBC. An orientation session starts the program, and most of the meetings occur in the evenings, once a week.

For further information please contact one of our bar staff members.