Bar Preparation

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At Thomas Jefferson, we take bar preparation very seriously. California has an extremely difficult bar exam and we strive to provide our students with support to succeed on the bar exam. We have several bar preparation faculty work collaboratively together and with other faculty members to prepare our students for the bar exam.

We also offer several pre-graduation, for-credit bar preparation courses, including MBE Mastery, Mastering the Performance Test, and Bar Exam Fundamentals. Bar Exam Fundamentals, taken in the last semester of law school, provides students with an intensive review of critical topics in the subject areas tested on the California and UBE bar exams.

After graduation, students have the option of participating in any bar program of their choosing. Throughout the bar cycle, we offer support. Our talented bar faculty routinely meet with recent graduates, coordinate with bar study programs, host a mock bar exam, and review and comment on practice exams to help our students succeed on the bar exam.

At Thomas Jefferson, we will do everything we can to support students in passing the California Bar Exam on the first attempt.