Students should make their own housing arrangements in Nice. However, Thomas Jefferson School of Law has arranged for discounted housing at 7 different facilities in Nice: three fully-equipped apartment/hotel facilities and four hotels. This is the French Riviera and prices for hotels and rental apartments are very high. We advise you to make your reservations early directly with one of the seven facilities below. You will need  to provide the hotel or apartment/hotel  with your credit card number, date of expiration, name on the card, etc. You must pay the total cost for your room on the date you arrive using the credit card number you provided to the hotel or apartment/hotel. If you do not pay in full on the date of arrival, you will not be able to stay at the hotel or at the apartment/hotel.

Each residence has a very limited number of rooms available, so students are advised to make housing arrangements early by contacting the hotel or apartment/hotel directly by email. Don’t forget to get a written confirmation of your hotel or apartment/hotel reservation. You will arrive at the hotel on June 16, 2018, and you will depart on July 12, 2018. This is a 26-day stay.

You cannot check out of your room on weekends if you plan on traveling on weekends. You must pay for the entire 27-day stay on the date of arrival at the Reception desk of the hotel or residence provided below.  

Housing Options for the Nice 2017 Program

The prices quoted below are subject to change:

1.Hotel Armenonville

20 Avenue des Fleurs 06000 Nice France

Tel: 011 33 4 93 96 86 00

Fax: 011 33 4 93 44 66 53



Available: 4 double rooms (single large bed for one or two) at 110 Euros per night plus .75 euro tax per person per night.

 1 room for three people: 140 Euros per night plus tax 0 .75 Euros per person per night

 2 rooms for four people: 158 Euros/night plus tax

Hotel Armenonville has free parking, an outside pool and garden.


2. Adagio-Nice-Magnan (apartment residence)

12, Avenue de la Californie 06200 Nice

Tel: 011 33 4 97 07 28 00

Fax: 011 33 4 97 07 28 01



This is an apartment/hotel with a fully-furnished kitcheonette. Close to law school.

Available: 18 studios for one or 2 (one large bed): $90-$95 per room plus tax per person per room

12 two room apartments for 3 or 4 (one double bed and 2 single beds) : $119 U.S. dollars per night plus tax per person per night

Free cancellation until Wednesday June 14, 2017. Reserve on line at Supply credit card. Pay total on arrival.

Get a 10% discount when you reserve on line by putting in the code JEFF2017 (put it in the Comments). To get the discount you must let me know that you are planning to reserve in this apartment/residence, and I will communicate that to the hotel manager. This is very close to the law school. Least expensive. Very good choice.


3. Adagio Nice Promenade des Anglais (formerly Hotel Excellior)(apartment residence)

179 Promenade des Anglais  06200 Nice

Tel. 011 33 4 97 07 82 00

Fax: 011 33 4 97 07 82 01


Some studios not facing sea but facing city for 1 or 2 persons with one large bed or 2 small beds:115 Euros per night plus tax of 2.25 Euros per person per night

Studio with sea view for one or 2 persons: 151 Euros per night plus tax per person per night.

2 room  apartments sea view for 3 or four persons :186 Euros per night plus tax.

No deposit required but you must give your credit card when reserving. Cancellation two weeks before arrival without penalty. Pay total on arrival.

Reserve by contacting Reserve online at but look for Adagio-Nice-Promenade, not Adagio-Nice-Magnan. Two different places.

Breakfast available at 12 E per person.


4.Hotel Dante

12, rue Andrioli  0600 Nice


Tel: 011 33 4 93 86 81 00

Fax: 011 33 4 93 97 27 17

Rooms Available:      Studio for 1 (99 Euros per night tax included with breakfast included)

                                    Studio for 2 (2 twin beds: 120 Euros per night tax included)

                                     Room for 3 (140 Euros per night tax included)

                                    Room for 4 (155 Euros per night tax included)

Small hotel, farther from law school but within walking distance, excellent price with breakfast included.


5. Residhome Apartment-Hotel (formerly Citadines Promenade)(apartment residence near  law school)

3-5 Bd Francois Grosso

 06000 Nice, France

Available: 10 double rooms for 1 or 2 persons (one large bed only) at 89 Euros per night plus 1.50 Euros tax. Must stay 26 days at least. Very close to law school. No deposit required. Reserve by writing to

Residhome Apartment-Hotel has in all rooms a fully equipped kitchen, television, direct phone line, full cleaning on departure, service charge (water, electricity, heating.). Car park available and launderette.   Penalty for cancellation earlier than 30 days before arrival. Close to law school. Newly renovated. Nice accommodations.


6. Hotel Locarno

4 Avenue des Baumettes, 06000 Nice, France

Tel: 011 33 4 93 96 28 00

Fax: 011 33 4 93 86 18 81

Available: 4 rooms for 3 or 4 persons at 147 Euros per night plus tax 1.50 Euros per person per night. Breakfast for free included. 

One night deposit required when you reserve. Reserve by writing to

Breakfast for free. Hotel located very close to law school. But Hotel Locarno is older than the other 2 hotels.


7. Hotel Ibis Nice Californie Lenval

56-60 Avenue de la Californie

Nice, France 06200

Very inexpensive hotel located near the law school. Double room for two $43 per night plus tax.  This is a chain and there are three Hotel Ibis’ in Nice. Make sure you sign up for the Hotel Ibis located on Avenue de la California opposite Lenval Hospital.

The cost of housing and hotels in Nice during high season is very high. It is a crowded area, and hotels are all booked up very early. The cost of these residences and hotels above is based on a 26-day stay, and you must pay in full on the first day of arrival. You cannot check out on weekends and return on Monday expecting your room to be available. You must pay in full on the first day for 26 days. Charges such as telephone, laundry, etc., are additional. The number of rooms in each category is limited; Make your reservations yourself as soon as you are sure you are going to the Nice Program. A credit card is required to reserve your room with payment for your full stay due upon check-in. Do not wait until the last minute because housing on the French Riviera during high season is expensive and difficult to find if you wait until the last minute. Cancellation of your reservation may result in a penalty that you will be required to pay. Prices are subject to last-minute changes by the hotel or residence. Make sure you arrive on the correct day (Saturday, June 16) and you leave on the correct day (July 12). If you want to stay one day longer than the date of departure you give the hotel, you need to write to the hotel again and change your date of departure. If you do not do that, you will not be permitted to stay one extra day because the hotel books all reservations in advance.

Be aware that the summer is high season in Nice and across the French Riviera; this will be reflected in prices and availability. Since you are arranging your own housing while participating in Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s Nice Study Abroad Program, you must provide the Director before the start of the Nice Program the name,  address and phone number of your housing choice. If the Director is not informed of the name and location of your housing in Nice, you will not be admitted to the Program.