TJSL Collections

The library houses three special collections of note. One collection is of our extensive databases that support our International Tax and Financial Services graduate program. Another is our print-based Thomas Jefferson Collection. The third is our DVD collection, which includes many law-related and instructional items.

The International Tax and Financial Services Graduate Program

Our Diamond Program is a 100% online graduate law degree that attracts students like you from throughout the world. This highly touted program brings us a host of industry leading specialized databases from companies such as CCH, Wolters Kluwer, IBFD, Tax Analysts, BNA, Oceana, and Butterworths. Download the database list

The Jefferson Collection

Get to know our namesake, Thomas Jefferson. We have a collection of over 200 books either authored by or about Thomas Jefferson, covering his views and accomplishments on politics, health and medicine, exploration, botany, agriculture, meteorology, astrology, and paleontology – the latter of which ties in nicely with the fossils that were unearthed during the recent excavation of our new law school building. Feel free to browse this collection and check out these books for one month.

The DVD Collection

We have over 100 classic and modern legal-themed DVDs that may be assigned by your professor for course work or that will provide you with a break from your law school studies. You can check out DVDs for 72 hours. View TJSL's DVD Collection.